Garment District Extravaganza!!!

Hello everyone!! Happy Wednesday! So today’s post is going to be about my trip to the garment/ Fabric district in LA. If you read my recent blog post about the Mimi G Conference, you read that I took a fabric trip on Sunday! As I mentioned, I was planning to do a separate blog post for the garment district because it was so amazing, that it needed its own post!! So this post is very picture-heavy so be prepared! (I do apologize, I did not get all the names of the fabric stores.)

So the 1st fabric store I visited was Michael Levine’s. I picked up about a few pieces of fabric, but my goal was to save money for the rest of the district. Last year, I spent all my time in there, I did not need to do that again. Below are the pictures from Michael Levine’s.













I spent $30 in Michael Levine’s and was throughly pleased with my selections. The prices were amazing, plus our additional 20% off discount for the Mimi G Conference. I always love coming here because of the amazing fabrics!

The next place I went to visit was called the Loft. It’s part of Michael Levine’s. If you’re unfamiliar with the Loft, please get familiar with it! The fabric is $3 a pound!!! Yes you read that right! Here are some pictures below:






In total, I spent about $10 here!!! I got so many different knits and cotton prints, they were super pretty! I did not do as much damage as last year, however I did come back with probably the same amount of fabric lol.

The next place I visited was a fabric place called Natan Fabric Inc. This place had so really cool fabrics. I got some fabrics from there but not a lot because I was on a tight budget. The place had fabric bots inside and outside the store. It was overwhelming but yet, still so amazing. Take a look below at the pictures of this beautiful fabric store.



The next place I visited was my favorite one! ALL THE FABRIC WAS $1.99!!! This place was small, but I still got the fabric I was looking for! I didn’t take a lot of pictures of this store, because I was way too preoccupied looking at the fabric in there! I actually got some really pretty floral prints from here that you’ll see in future DIY posts!



The next place I visited was called Angel Textiles! This place is massive! I didn’t get any fabric from here because I was way too overwhelmed by what was there. In all honesty, I would probably have to spend the whole day in there and actually look at all the fabrics. I absolutely loved it in there!! I wish I had more time to look in there at the choices! Take a look below!:


This next 2 stores was pretty nice as well. I loved their selection. One thing I noticed, is that all fabric stores in the garment district, have different selections. You will not find the same fabrics in each store, which I can appreciate. Some of the prices ranged from .99 to $5, which is still such a great bargain! Take a look at some of the pictures below:



Last but not least! The notions store!! I was walking for blocks and asked so many people where the notions store was and no one knew! I was very irritated (not going to lie). Until, I heard the choir sing!! I finally found the store!!! GOLDEN CUTTING & SEWING SUPPLIES! I am super obsessed with this store. I went last year but couldn’t stay long, so I knew that this was going to be the year I stay and buy somethings! I spent a good $50 total, and I have no regrets! When you all look at these photos, you’ll see why:



Planning on visiting the fabric district? Here are my important tips to make your trip economical and affordable!

  1. Bring a suitcase/luggage for fabric. (It’s always nice to have a suitcase to put your fabric in. While you’re walking around it great for easy traveling purposes.)
  2. Get there early! (The garment district shopping will most likely take all day. Get there early so you can find a good parking space.)
  3. Have a car! (I’ve learned from experience that it’s so much easier to have a car. Having a place to keep your fabrics while you shop is great! Parking was about $5-$10.)
  4. Bring cash! (Most of the fabric stores do not take credit/debit cards. Plus they have ATMs there, but that transaction fee is a BIG NO!)
  5. Everything is negotiable! (While at the notions store, I bought a walking foot that was originally $20. I paid $16 for it. If they like you, they’ll bring the prices down!)

I will be planning another trip to LA real soon. I think LA will become a yearly trip for me🤔.

You all have a great rest of your day! See you all again for another blog post!


Vogue 9253 Pattern Review!

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! It’s Saturday and I think this wonderful day deserves a pattern review. I recently bought V9253 and knew it was on my immediate to-do list. See below my entire review!


upclosePattern: Vogue 9253

Pattern Description: Semi-fitted back zipper opening, attached self-tie and length variations.

Pattern Sizing: 4-26 (I cut a 4)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?: Absolutely!

Were the instructions easy to follow?: For the most part yes, however once I connected the bodice to skirt front, it threw off the sizing. I’m not sure if I read the directions wrong or if I missed something.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?: I loved the kimono sleeves! The deep V neckline was a winner for me along with the big flowy skirt. I didn’t dislike anything from this pattern. Everything was perfect!

Fabric Used: Rayon Challis from Michael Levine’s in Los Angeles.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I altered the bodice front piece to create a more flattering look for my cleavage. I have a big chest, so certain style necklines, I have to be aware of. I cut the front skirt panel on the fold instead of not doing that. So in doing that, I had to make adjustments to the bodice front and the top of the skirt. My advice, follow directions! Don’t rush! I also added a thigh slit to add more sexiness to the dress!

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?: Yes to both! I’m already planning to make more of these dresses!

Conclusion: Follow directions! Overall this pattern is a definite winner. If you’re a beginner, this pattern is pretty basic. So it’s pretty straight forward and you as a beginner shouldn’t have a problem. My suggestion is to get this pattern ASAP!! It’s so beautiful!



green wrap dress



This was my first complex maxi dress from Vogue and I must say, I love this dress!! I do often times have zipper installation issues, so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments section.  I hope you all enjoyed my post about V9253! Click the image below if you want to learn how to sew! Click here to purchase the faux over clutch!unnamedStay tuned for more blog posts! See you all soon!

MimiG Conference Recap! 2017

So I attended the MimiG conference over the weekend, and as usual I was throughly impressed. I stayed in the JW Marriott where the conference was hosted.  As usual we had 3 full days jam-packed with events. Here is a list of the events for conference:

Day1:   Fashion Show

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The conference attendees had the option to come up with their own twist in original Mimi G patterns and tutorials. Every time I see the different looks, I always get inspired. The pictures above were my ultimate faves. I didn’t include all my faves because it was soooo much! All the attendees in the show did fantastic!


Day 2:  Class Is In Session!

I signed up for certain classes for this day. I registered for the 1st class called Wardrobe Planning taught by Joy Macdonell. This class was soooo much fun!! She gave me some ideas in regards to fully planning my wardrobe. When I’m sewing a new wardrobe, there are certain things that I need to be considerate of. What’s the season in that state? What are my season colors? etc. I cannot wait to fully start planning my wardrobe in a more organized fashion! Here are some pictures below:





I will say, those Faber Castell colored pencils are what I need in my life!! These are perfect for fashion illustrations.

After the wardrobe planning class, I moved onto the next class. The next class was called A Guide to Lingerie with Maddie Flanigan. I absolutely loved this class!!! I finally conquered my fear of sewing lingerie. Take a look at the pictures below (this was more of an instructional workshop then a hands-on like the first class I was in.)



We then took a lunch break and babylock sewing came to chat with us about sewing machines and sergers!! We also went to the lobby area to socialize and take pictures!IMG_4693












I even got a chance to meet some of my favorite sewing bloggers!!!

Rosy Pena & I!


Brittany Jones & I

The last 2 classes were Working with Leather & Fur along with Cool Tricks. Both classes were taught by Couture Designer Kenneth King! Here are pictures of both of the classes!:IMG_4706




Day 3: Fabric Shopping Trip!!

This is the one thing I’m sooo excited about for this entire conference! Taking a trip to downtown LA onto the garment district!!!!!! It’s pretty self-explanatory, here are the pictures:

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If you missed the conference , I feel bad for you son!

This one was the last one, and now she’s done!

Until we meet again Mimi G! I learned so much about lingerie, and furs! I hope you plan to have more events in the future, I look forward to your future endeavors.

Mimi G & I.png