Best 3 Days Of My Life! Mimi G Conference Recap!!!


Okay so I just came back from my LA/San Francisco/ Palo Alto Cali trip. I am going to separate the posts from the Mimi G conference and the vacation. This post is strictly about the conference and my experience. Without further ado, let’s talk about this amazing conference!

Day 1: Welcome!/ Fashion Show

So the 1st day was so nerve-racking to be honest. I was so nervous because I was finally meeting my idol. The fashion show was open to all sewers in the conference. We had to design a look from any Mimi G pattern, tutorial or DIY as long as it was Mimi Gs (: She has so many different tutorials out there it was so hard to choose! It was a fun show though! The prizes were amazing as well. A $2,999 Babylock Serger!!!!!!! Lord knows I wanted to win, but honestly I played it safe. Here’s my look. I used her Simplicity Pattern 8093 for the top and her Simplicity Pattern 1019 for the pants.

Picture Source: Mimi G Style Inc.

Overall, I did like my outfit however I’m competing with other talented designers. They brought their A game!! I loved everyone’s looks. Head over to Mimi G’s Blog to see the winners and the other looks.

After the show I was able to regain my composure (somewhat) and purchase my official Mimi G gear. My mother was so kind of enough to buy my 2 Mimi G t-shirts and the G curve ruler that she designed. Later on I was able to chat with Mimi herself! I could barely talk though. When I’m excited I can barely get my words out so it sounds like I’m stumbling over my words the whole time lol. Thankfully mom came to the rescue and did all the talking for me. It was a magical moment. Oh! I did meet her oldest daughter Chastidy. She’s a beautiful lady in person. Looking like ha mama!


Me & Chastidy

Day 2: Class Is In Session!

This particular day was soooooo jam-packed! We learned how to properly take measurements with Joy Macdonell from Simplicity. It is very important to have someone measure you instead of you doing it yourself. It’s much more accurate this way, trust me. After that, we broke off into our groups for some pattern drafting and pattern fittingDSCF2471

Pattern drafting and fittings are oh so important for any successful fashion designer. I highly recommend that all upcoming fashion designers learn these skills. Mimi G taught the pattern drafting class and it was great!

(There I am drafting lol) Picture Source: Mimi G Style Inc.

After this class, we switched and took regular and plus size pattern fitting class with Mrs. Kelly Horton (: Let me tell y’all something, she is amazing!!! She took Mimi G’s pattern and adjusted the pattern to fit her plus sized body and she was rocking it hunty!!!! There’s a link to her blog, be sure to click it and see what I’m talking about. She’s a beast ladies and gentlemen!

I’m going to stop right here and I will post Day 3 later on throughout the week along with more pictures from the conference (: There is so much I can talk about with this conference but I don’t want to overload you all with just 1 big post. So I shall return this week with all of Day 3’s shenanigans. Peace & Blessings!

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.- John 15:13



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