Hey yalll!! How yall doing? This post will be short, because I’m packing for LA!

I had the pleasure to visit my family in ATL last week. My little brother graduated from Collins Hill High.  He received a scholarship to Mt. St Joseph in Ohio (academic)!!! Super proud! Here he is!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😫


Now onto the OOTD. What did I wear to his graduation?? Here are the details:


Shirt: NeeshaValore Designs LLC

Jeans: Fashion Nova

Shoes: DSW Shoes

Choker: A Gift From My Nana (here are links to similar ones: 1, 2)

As yall can clearly tell, these are my favorite shoes. They tend to hurt my feet though. What was your outfit for the day?


Dyne’esha Takes MFW!! (Memphis Fashion Week!)

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! Hope you all have recovered enough from the weekend to read my blog post! I’m still trying to recover myself, so I won’t blame you if you still need some more time to get yourself together.

So having an internship definitely comes with perks! Obviously, you have to make sure you’re doing above and beyond, to get special perks. However, based on my work ethic, my boss Alex, bought me a ticket to attend Memphis Fashion Week! When I tell you, I was ecstatic, I was ECSTATIC! And, not to mention I got to sit in VIP! Amazing right??!! We went during the Emerging Designer Project time. Each day of fashion week, they showcased a different designer everyday. However, Saturday’s event was strictly for the Emerging Designers here in the Memphis area. Mark my words, NeeshaValore Designs will be featured in Memphis Fashion Week 2018!

So Alex, had her store Ivory Closet featured in the show. So one of her best models Aviana Monasterio modeled in the show as a “freeze” model. (Meaning, she had to pose in front of the Ivory Closet sign until the next showcase.) 

It was a wonderful experience for me! I had so much fun! I don’t remember some of the designers from the show, but I took pictures of my favorite looks.

Like I mentioned in my New Arrivals post about my internship, this is the same lady who owns both The Attic Apparel and Ivory Closet. We were at The Attic Apparel shop in Overton Square to get all the clothes ready to take to the show. Below are some pictures of her shop!

*Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures, my camera does not have the best quality in some areas.*

Gina Bodysuit (available in both black & white) & Lacey Coulottes
Lisa Dress
Green Jumpsuit, SweaterFur Coat, Fur Vest 
Zariah Earrings, Rachel Earrings, Zoe Earrings, Patti Earrings, Eva Chain Earrings, Russia Earrings,


Now! Onto the fashion show! Below are pictures I’ve taken at the event! Y’all can clearly tell how much fun I was having by these photos. We had floral head crowns made by both Kacie Cooper and Gina Lovinelli

Me, Isabella, and Jeddah
Khasi & I
Heidi Newsom
Heidi Newsom
Khasi McDaniels
Lauren Jeu
Mary Ambrose


One of the Designers (Mary Ambrose) Btw, she made Alex’s necklace out of TIRES!!!
ME! Dress: Ivory Closet Necklace: NeeshaValore Designs Floral Headband: Kacie Cooper
Dress: Ivory Closet Necklace: NeeshaValore Designs Floral Headband: Kacie Cooper Shoes: DSW
Mary Ambrose Design
Mary Ambrose Designs
Mary Ambrose Design
Alex and Megan.  (isn’t Alex’s necklace amazing???!?)



Aviana freeze modeling. (Nadine Skirt, Gina Bodysuit, Tallulah Sorbet Necklace)




Aviana modeling the Lisa Dress from Ivory Closet and Flower Crown from Kacie Cooper.
Jeddah, Jenny, Isabella, and Alex (Jeddah, Jenny and Alex are wearing Floral pieces by Kacie Cooper. Isabella is wearing a floral headcrown by Gina Lovinelli.)
Aviana for Ivory Closet (Headpiece: Kacie Cooper)


Me, Isabella & Jeddah
Dress: Ivory Closet, Clutch: NeeshaValore Designs, Necklace: NeeshaValore Designs Floral Crown: Kacie Cooper (Shout out to the pretty lady behind me lol)

 I hope you all enjoyed my post about Memphis Fashion Week! Be blessed and have a great rest of your week!Two_Heart_Best_ClipArt


Late Fall/ Early Spring Lookbook😍

Hello all! How are you all on this beautiful Friday?

So last weekend, I had a mini photoshoot with one of my favorite models Lindsey Alsup. She’s just starting out and I must say, she’s doing quite well. She’s walked for me in both the BSA Fashion Show and the Fashion Moguls Memphis fashion show last fall. And she did great BTW!

I had to do some revamping of my entire website. So I took some better pictures of some of the products. This will be happening throughout these next few months. My website will still be up and running, I will just be making minor changes. Nothing drastic! Trust me, if I do something drastic, you all will be the 1st to know! (Promise) Now, onto the pictures! I took them here at my campus. Take a look below to see the pictures.

I only posted the ones that have been edited for my website. There are 600 plus photos total. I did want to post all those, that’s just too much. 🙄 All of these items have been posted to my website and are all available for purchase now!

I will be having another look book very soon. So be sure to follow my social media sites to catch some more pictures and updates on future look books! See you all soon for another blog post! ♥

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