BSA 24 Hours of Art Fashion Show! N|V Designs (:

Hello hello hello! Hi everyone (: I’m still on such an adrenaline rush from last night’s show! So I was featured in the BSA 24 Hours of Art fashion show, here on campus. BSA stands for Black Student Association. They are a well-known organization on campus and have been present on the UofM campus for 60 years.

So they asked me to feature my work. Of course I said yes, the more exposure the better! Since I’ve had trouble in the past with photographers getting pictures of my work, I reached out to my good friend MUA Du’Jua Barr. She came to the rescue and took all the pictures! I was so thrilled she did it I almost started crying lol. I am so thankful for her doing this for me! She’s the best lol. Now onto those pictures she took right?

My models and I. Didnt they look fantastic? I’m in the middle with the white shirt.

She saved your girl! If it wasnt for her, idk if I would’ve gotten pictures of my work honestly lol. If you are interested in the pieces you see here, visit my website and purchase your garment today! Also, be sure to like my business page on Facebook for more pictures!

Thanks again to Du’Jua Barr and the BSA Committee!

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See you guys again!


Mimi Conference Recap Pt. 2 (Last Day!)

Hello lovelies!!

Okay, so I am finally going to bless y’all with the last and final day of the ever-so amazing Mimi G conference. So let’s get started!

Day 3

Day 3 was the last day which was bittersweet. We concluded with a segment from Tieko Nejon, Tiffany Aliche (The Budgetnista) and the Dahlia Law Group. Our first meeting was with the lovely Mimi herself. She was giving us tips on how to start a fashion and sewing business. There is so much preparation involved when starting a fashion sewing business. I’m not going to go too much into detail for that because it could be a separate blog post. However, I will say it was extremely informative. Tieko spoke on how to set up and properly brand yourself. You literally are your brand, (how you represent yourself) so make sure your brand is always on point! Your website, your email, your product images, all of that are a direct representation of who you are. Be careful. Now Tiffany “The Budgetnista” truly helped me when it comes to budgeting myself. Lord knows I need help with that. There’s so much fabric and patterns out here in the world that deserves my money: The struggle is way too real! Here’s a website she suggested we use for online banking. The catch is that it’s only online so transfering money can become a hassle. It elimates impluse buys (which I am a true victim of). Hopefully that site can be of much use to you all.

Photo Source: Mimi G Style Inc. Tieko Nejon & Tiffany The Budgetnista

Another set of speakers were from the Dahlia Law Group.The lovely ladies were named Allysia & Jill. They broke down the legalities of starting a business. I had no idea that a client could sue me if they trip over my dress form or sewing machine cord breaking a bone or two. I was so misinformed of these types of scenarios because they have never happened to me. As my father once told me, “People will sue you over anything.” so I am now prepared and made sure to clarify what’s in my Homeowner’s Insurance. So thankful for the Dahlia Law Group for clarifying this for an upcoming business owner.

Allysia & Jill from the Dahlia Law Group (Picture Source: Mimi G Style Inc.)

After that informative morning we took our group picture and loaded up on the buses for our FABRIC SHOPPING TRIP!

Picture Source: Mimi G Style Inc.

Okay the moment you all have been waiting for!!! The fabric shopping trip! So we took charter buses down to the Garment District and parked right in front of Michael Levine’s. So of course I took tons of pictures! However, it was too many to put on this post, so I’ll just post my favorites.

@ The Loft via Michael Levine Fabrics

The fabric at The Loft was insane lol. This picture is only 1 side of the room. It was boxes and boxes of fabric! I got super lucky and got an entire bag of assortment zippers for $2!!! Steal???? I would think so (: So just an FYI for people who are not familiar with The Loft here are my top 5 facts/suggestions about this lovely place! (So I don’t ramble lol.)

  1. Bring a suitcase or a ginormous bag!
  2. Bring a water bottle (it was way too hot in there!!!!)
  3. Bring your own scissors. They allow you to cut your own fabric and their scissors were a bit dull.
  4. It’s $3 per pound!!!! (YES PER POUND!!!!!!!) You read that correctly. Be smart on what you grab. Heavy sweater knits, pontes, wools, will add to your weight. Chiffon and lightweight knits are good grabs.
  5. Come hands free, (if you can) you’ll need all the hands you can get.
Peep my bag of zippers (; 16lbs of fabric! (Bag #1)


I spent a total of only $42 for all that fabric. (I may post a video or blog post about my experience at the Garment District and the fabrics I purchased in vivid details.) Michael Levine was kind enough to serve us lunch as well! Thanks Subway for those lovely sandmiches (: (I love Subway lol, and yes I said sandmiches).

After we finished our fabric trip, we headed back to the hotel to officially close the conference out. I had the opportunity to pull Mimi and Mrs. Kelly aside to give them their goodie bags (: I made them fold over clutches. I forgot to get a picture of the clutch for Mrs. Kelly, but I did get a picture of the one I made for Mimi.

Mimi’s Clutch

So now! It’s picture time (: Here’s all the pictures from the last day. Guys I was so excited! I cannot wait til next year!!  (: Much love & be blessed!

Me & Mimi (of course)
Me & The Amazing Tieko (:
Me & Mrs. Kelly (: (Again all the credit goes to her!)
So my family & I ran into her outside of our hotel as we were leaving for dinner lol.
Got a picture with her other daughter Lexi (:
I’m A Darling! (: Skirt: Me of course! Necklace: Jewelry Divine
My Mimi G goodie bag (: + Michael Levine Roll Of Fabric



My second trip to The Loft (: (Bag #2)



Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.- Mark 11:24


My 1st Fashion Show Experience

Hello Lovelies,

Monday, March 23 @ 7pm, I was honored to be in the Fashion Moguls Memphis Takes Flight fashion show. Being a part of the 1st fashion organization at the University of Memphis is a great accomplishment for me. I love being around people who have the love for fashion just like me (or maybe more).

This particular fashion was a new experience for me, why? Because I’ve never been on the designer side. Ive been a stylist for numerous of fashion shows, but it is a very different experience being a designer and actually watching your designs come to life on the runway. It was truly a great feeling, that I cannot describe with words. But every fashion designer has that feeling when they see their work coming to life on the runway in front of hundreds, thousands, millions of people.

I did get great feedback from alot of people and some custom orders for the dress. Thats a great feeling as well, people coming to you asking you to make them your design.

I did put alot of work into this dress and I was extremely pleased with how it turned out. Still havent decided if I should display it on my website and sell it. However you can still shop on my site now for some great spring accessories and such (: Here!

We’ll definitely see!