OOTD+ Lion King Live 🦁

Happy Sunday lovelies!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This weekend, I got a chance to see the Lion King Play in Baltimore at the Hippodrome Theatre and it was marvelous! I cried multiple times, for what reason, I have no idea! This play is a must-see, and I strongly recommend it to everyone. Everything was beautiful and picturesque! I wish I could’ve taken pictures, but I was not allowed to. Overall, it’s a tremendous play, and everyone should definitely see it.

Now onto the Outfit of The Day!! I kept my outfit simple but chic for dinner and the play. I wanted to wear something that was comfortable to walk the streets of Baltimore and keep me warm! All the details about my outfit are listed below! Enjoy the rest of your day and have a blessed week!

Hat: Wet Seal

Turtleneck: Forever 21

Poncho: NeeshaValore Designs

Leggings: Forever 21

Boots: Curvy Girl Boutique

Scarf: JCPenny

If you’re interested in purchasing your poncho, head over to my online boutique now!



DIY Mini Photography Studio

Hello everyone! I apologize for the delay in posting lately! I thought something was wrong with my WordPress account and wasn’t able to login in for a long time. However, the problem has been solved and now let’s talk!!!

So I had to pleasure to visit Jo-Ann’s a while ago and purchased some project paper and created my own Mini Photo Studio! So here’s what you’ll need!

So here’s a picture of my little studio space that I created!


It works for what I need in regards to my business and my YouTube channel! It took me about 2 hours to complete this project. I bought 3 rolls of the project paper and only used 2. In all honesty, it would’ve gone by a lot faster if my wall was a little wider. I had to trim a few inches on the side to get the effect that I wanted. It would’ve been made a little neater but I decided to rush a little bit because I was excited. Take a look at my photos I’ve taken with my backdrop!

Fabric Haul YouTube Video
wine bodycon dress
Raven Bodycon Dress
Loni Oversized Tee
Chanté Crop Top

So as you can see, the area works out perfectly for my YouTube videos and my photos for my online website. I think this is a useful solution for beginning photographers and bloggers looking for quick and easy backdrops. I absolutely love how it turned out and I look forward to using it pretty much all the time!

I hope this gives you an idea as to what you can do to create your own mini studio. And remember, all of this was well under $20 for me!!! I got the paper when it was on sale at $2.99 per paper. If you have any other suggestions, you’d like to share with me, please share!

You guys enjoy your Thanksgiving and weekend! Stay tuned for more blog posts!

And once again, I will start posting more again, I do apologize for the delay in posting!


Sewing Parts Online Mystery Box?!


Hello!!! How are you doing today? Today’s post is going to be very short! However, I got something that I want to share with you all! Have you heard of sewing mystery bags? Well, I just discovered them, and let me tell you….I’m obsessed!

SewingPartsOnline is a website that sells machine feets, fabric, notions, needles, and so many other sewing related products. I’ve purchased things from them in the past and have had great service thus far. So I ordered an embroidery cord for my sewing machine and stumbled across their Grab Bags link. With my curiosity peaked, I clicked on the link to see what it was all about.

I ordered a $9.99 grab bag and I love my goodies!! Click the link below for a full video of my grab bag and more details on this amazing product! Make sure you get yourself one as well, it’s all about the element of surprise!

Click Image For Video Link!

Be sure to subscribe and thumbs up my YouTube video and share your feedback! See you all again for another post!