My Current Sewing Plans!

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! I know I haven’t done these posts in a while, but I’m getting back into the swing of things! So I just came back from LA and my personal vacation, and I’m ready to sew!!

If you’re anything like me, you always have “sewing plans” but they never actually become plans until later. I’m all over the place, but when I try to plan things, everything kind of falls into place. However, sewing is completely separate. I am, however, creating this plan and sticking to it! So currently these beautiful patterns are on my sewing table!

1.) McCall’s 7634

M7634 | McCall's Patterns

When I first saw this pattern, I screamed! This pattern is to die for! I love the lace up detail and I love the dress option! Im a sucker for sportswear and athleisure, so this pattern was a score!

2.) McCall’s 7621

M7621 | McCall's Patterns

Now this dress I probably could just self-draft it, but it’s always nice to have a simple bodycon dress pattern in your stash. I definitely see a modified version of this dress for my upcoming S/S 18′ collection😉.

3.) McCall’s 7596

M7596 | McCall's Patterns

I am super obsessed with this pattern! I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect caftan dress pattern, and this is the winner! View D will be the 1st one I make from this pattern. I cannot wait to cut into this bad boy!

4.) Vogue 1548

V1548 | Vogue Patterns

What’s so funny about this pattern is that I would have never picked it out in my 7 years of sewing. However, what sold me on this pattern was the shape and the detachable overlay collar. The detailing on this dress is a winner. This will be my first advanced pattern from Vogue, so when I create this dress, I will definitely blog about it! Im very excited to start this pattern!

5.) Simplicity 8380

Simplicity Pattern 8380 Misses' Knit Dress or Top

Normally patterns like these I don’t get because I don’t care for them. But, when I saw Momma Mimi do a DIY on this dress, I was completely sold. Check out her post here. I have the perfect fabric for this dress and I’m very excited to use it.

So as you all can see, I have quite a lot on my sewing table. Once these garments are made, I will be sure to post a full pattern review. If you all have sewn these pieces already please share your experiences in the comment section.

Want to learn how to sew? Click the Sew-It Academy Image below!


MimiG Conference Recap! 2017

So I attended the MimiG conference over the weekend, and as usual I was throughly impressed. I stayed in the JW Marriott where the conference was hosted.  As usual we had 3 full days jam-packed with events. Here is a list of the events for conference:

Day1:   Fashion Show

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The conference attendees had the option to come up with their own twist in original Mimi G patterns and tutorials. Every time I see the different looks, I always get inspired. The pictures above were my ultimate faves. I didn’t include all my faves because it was soooo much! All the attendees in the show did fantastic!


Day 2:  Class Is In Session!

I signed up for certain classes for this day. I registered for the 1st class called Wardrobe Planning taught by Joy Macdonell. This class was soooo much fun!! She gave me some ideas in regards to fully planning my wardrobe. When I’m sewing a new wardrobe, there are certain things that I need to be considerate of. What’s the season in that state? What are my season colors? etc. I cannot wait to fully start planning my wardrobe in a more organized fashion! Here are some pictures below:





I will say, those Faber Castell colored pencils are what I need in my life!! These are perfect for fashion illustrations.

After the wardrobe planning class, I moved onto the next class. The next class was called A Guide to Lingerie with Maddie Flanigan. I absolutely loved this class!!! I finally conquered my fear of sewing lingerie. Take a look at the pictures below (this was more of an instructional workshop then a hands-on like the first class I was in.)



We then took a lunch break and babylock sewing came to chat with us about sewing machines and sergers!! We also went to the lobby area to socialize and take pictures!IMG_4693












I even got a chance to meet some of my favorite sewing bloggers!!!

Rosy Pena & I!


Brittany Jones & I

The last 2 classes were Working with Leather & Fur along with Cool Tricks. Both classes were taught by Couture Designer Kenneth King! Here are pictures of both of the classes!:IMG_4706




Day 3: Fabric Shopping Trip!!

This is the one thing I’m sooo excited about for this entire conference! Taking a trip to downtown LA onto the garment district!!!!!! It’s pretty self-explanatory, here are the pictures:

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If you missed the conference , I feel bad for you son!

This one was the last one, and now she’s done!

Until we meet again Mimi G! I learned so much about lingerie, and furs! I hope you plan to have more events in the future, I look forward to your future endeavors.

Mimi G & I.png


Wanna Learn How To Sew?


Mimi G is a self-taught sewer and fashion DIYer. I started brushing up my skills in sewing by watching her YouTube videos . She became such an inspiration to me.  Now I have something to offer you all! She has released a Sew-It Academy monthly subscription service that offers you all there is to know about sewing. She breaks it down to the T. She even shows you the basics on operating your sewing machine. She teaches you basic pattern drafting, garment construction, and so much more! 

I recommend anyone who’s trying to learn to sew, or need to be refreshed on sewing, I highly suggest registering for the Sew-It Academy. It’s $11.97 a month. I believe it’s totally worth the subscription and plus she’s always uploading new courses each month. You can even go at your own pace. I cannot stress this enough, it is totally worth the $11.97 a month! Click the Sew-It Academy image below to register today!